The number one rule when selling your home is to make sure to show it at its best. From the moment the buyer steps onto your property to walk the halls, nothing says 'buy me' more then how its presented right. Below are top ways to give your home an uplift without having to spend a whole lot of money. Doing this now will make a difference at closing.

The Outside

That's right; landscaping. No one likes to do it but it sure makes a difference. Mow the lawn, clean up your garden, trim the scrubs. No one wants to see overgrown plant life consume the outside beauty of your home. Especially if they hide your windows and take up space on your front porch.

The Wall Between Us

Your fence is the first thing a buyer sees. The last thing you want is for them to gawk at the condition its in. Straighten your fence, re-set them if you need. Replace any parts that are broken or falling apart. A quick washing of the fence will brighten it up as well. Also, take a peek at your gutters and treat them as needed. Clear away any garbage or fix the dangling mass that might make your home look un-kept.

What's That in Your Driveway?

Keeping your driveway clean from bikes, toys, tools and garbage will make the front portion of your home presentable. Clean up any weeds growing in cracks and make sure the edges around the cement and grass is neatly trimmed. Using a weed eater for the edges will help clean up corners where the lawnmower can't reach.

Who is THAT at the Front Door?

If your front door is looking a bit run down, some sanding and a coat of paint will fix that right up. Clean up the trim as well and take down that skeleton still hanging from last Halloween. Tighten loose doorknobs and oil the hinges. I would make sure the doorbell works and it never hurts to add a new doormat.

Welcome to my uh... home.

Your inside entry is probably the most important detail you shouldn't miss when walking into your home. Just like your fence outside, first impressions walking into a home leaves a lasting effect. Make sure its neat and clean, shampoo or replace rugs that need it. Clean and wax the floors if they aren't carpeted. Hanging a mirror gives it the look that it's bigger and lightens up the entry.

Let's Eat

Create an inviting mood to the kitchen by adding decor and candles. Clear up your counter tops of any clutter to give it a bigger feel and make sure your appliances are clean. Dusting out your cabinets will be a must and if fresh paint is required, do it. Don't forget to make sure that sink is nice and shiny!

Uh, Where's Your Restroom?

Nothing screams buy me like a bathroom that sparkles. Keep the counter tops clear of any clutter and add any decor to spice it up a bit. Make sure you fix leaky faucets and replace any discolored or damaged caulking around the toilet, sink, and bathtub/shower.

I See the Boogie Man!

Having a clean home is nice.... having a clean home with nothing stashed in your closets are better. Make sure you organize that clutter to make your closets appear bigger. If you have a plethora of unwanted items, its probably time to go through it all and remove what you no longer need. Using stackable totes or shoe racks will also make the closet look larger.

There's No Room For My Car!

Now that you are selling your home, it is time to sort through and decide what you want to keep and what you're willing to donate or give away. It will also help with moving out once the home is sold. After you have removed all the clutter, use storage shelves to clean up tools and sports equipment. Use wall hangers for garden tools, blowers and other equipment. If you have a basement or attic, you'll want to clean those up as well. Use storage totes to neatly stack what you aren't using and make sure you label them. This will help with moving, too. Saving you from using the standard cardboard boxes, plus it's already packed!

Last But Not Least...

You want your house to shine; and brightly, too, for that matter. Replace burned out bulbs and make sure you clean out your fixtures. The last thing you want is for your buyers to see caked on dirt and dust, dead bugs and cobwebs. If fixtures need replaced because they are old and outdated, do it. Install indoor track lighting to highlight pictures on the walls and make sure the curtains and blinds are open to light up the home for your visitors; the more natural light the better. Don't forget about the outside either. Use landscape lighting to accentuate the homes features in the evening.

Most of these are simple and relatively inexpensive. But what is even better is how you can do most of this yourself. Most anything you may need can be found at your local home improvement store. Doing these simple steps will add value to your home and you can see that in your wallet after closing!