Are you ready to sell your home? Moving up to a bigger place or maybe downgrading? Maybe you're making a career move and you need to move out of town completely. Before you decide to take the leap and try to sell on your own, take a peek below at what you should avoid when selling your home.

Using Poor Quality Pictures

In today's real estate world you will find that perspective buyers will do most of their research online. With that in mind, it's imperative that you have only the best pictures taken to show off your home. Uploading high resolution pictures will allow buyers to see your home at its clearest. You want high quality pictures of your home because that is the first thing buyers look for when they click on your home. In fact, most real estate agencies will only take high resolution pictures and if yours are of poor quality, the more likely your buyer will move on to the next listing. There is nothing worse then buyers overlooking your home from the very beginning. Your listing pictures are the very first impression of your home. Don't take it for granted and when taking pictures make sure its in ideal conditions. The brighter the better.

Full Disclosure

Being honest is so important in this industry. Lying about defects or blatantly trying to cover them up and being caught will only lead to more problems. Especially if you are caught towards the end of the sales process. It will slow things down and break the trust between you and the buyer. You will have to sign a disclosure clause and the last thing you want is to be in trouble with the law. Disclose everything that you are aware of, whether its water damage (now fixed of course) in the basement or pest issues in the past.It will pay off in the long run.

Ok, maybe you cant do this on your own...

You listed your home but you aren't getting any hits. Or maybe you are but you can't seem to close the sale. Truth is, unless you are a real estate agent, you really should put your trust in one in order to sell your home. Agents have tools that allow them to get your home sold. They bring their own knowledge of the market, can give you a price check on your home versus what's out there and selling, as well as the ability to handle the paperwork involved throughout the process. They will also market your home effectively, set up showings and handle all the small stuff so you won't have to.

But I wouldn't just pick the first agent you find in the yellow pages. Do your homework, make sure you interview a few of them. Each one will have their own take on how marketable your home is. How strategic are they and how quickly do they think they can sell your home. I'll tell you right now if their plan doesn't include using social media you should move on to the next agent. In today's world, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are incredible and they easily allow you to reach several more potential buyers then otherwise used. The more outlets you can use to market your home the more people will see your listing.

Are You Ready?

Be ready! No matter what you do, if you aren't ready to sell then don't list. Selling your home is not just physical, it's also mental. If you are not mentally or emotionally ready to sell then you will have trouble selling it. If you are ready for a change then do it. Sitting back and reminiscing will only slow or stop you from making the changes you feel you need to make. Change is good but only if you are ready.

If you are mentally ready then you'll need to start making plans for the move. Start with making lists of what needs to be done. Make necessary repairs and clean the home; removing clutter makes the home not only look nice but also gives it the feel of being bigger and a little lighter. If you aren't going to use your own furniture I suggest using a staging company. Staging your home allows potential buyers to have an idea what each room could look like in your home. This will help buyers build a perspective and more likely for them to want to purchase YOUR home over others.


Your real estate agent is going to have some advice for you. Mostly good advice. Sometimes advice we don't want to hear. Just remember they have only your best interest in mind. If they say your house will sell quickly at a suggested price, a price you may not agree with, but is along the lines of what is selling on the market... then trust them. They want to sell your home just as fast as you do and for the right price. However, real estate agents ARE more likely to do it your way, if only to show you that their advice was correct. If your home ends up not working out as anticipated then take their advice.

Get it sold!