The best way to get comfortable in your new home is to get out and get familiar with your neighborhood. Finding out where the nearest grocery store, parks, restaurants, and the movie theater are all important. Finding the best route to get to work or to the pharmacy, maybe where the public bus stops are located will make your new house purchase feel more like a home and provide you with a sense of comfort.


You should start by checking out your neighborhood map. Whether you still use an old fashioned map you purchase at the store or use your smart phone, get familiar with whats around you. Jump in your car or bike and just make your way around. Learn the streets, how they are labeled and find landmarks you can easily identify. Find different routes to get you to the same destinations, follow traffic patterns so you can avoid them, and if you have family make sure they know where to meet or have a keyword to keep safe from strangers. Also, find your local hospital, police station and fire departments, respectively.

Chamber of Commerce

Your Town's Chamber of Commerce is loaded with a lot of great information, both historical and present. You can also find emergency call numbers, government statistics and more information about the locals in your community. While you are there find information about clubs and spas, gyms historical associations, etc. Some towns also offer tours for you, a great benefit to get more acquainted with not only your neighborhood but others like it.

Sports, Clubs and Gyms

You, your spouse or kids are into anything like sports, knitting or chess then you'll want to get involved with your local town-sponsored teams or clubs. Everyone in the family will make friends with the people in their respective groups and building a connection with your new friends will make fitting in to your new surroundings that much easier. For the kids, if sports is not on the list, they can also participate in drama, dance, and music clubs as well. When your kids become friends with other kids in these clubs it will open you up to meeting their parents and building more connections in your neighborhood.

Your Neighborhood

If you want to get more familiar with your new neighborhood then whats mentioned above you can also talk to your neighbors. Getting out and introducing yourself and asking questions is a great way to get comfortable with your surroundings. You can also reach out to your mailman, the librarian and local store owners as well. You'll find that most people are eager to help!